How to place order

This guides you on how by clicking on a particular item, you can send us Inquiry or place order to us.:-

Lowell craft site is hierarchyof“PRODUCT CATEGORERY” then “PRODUCT SUBCATEGORERY”& finally “THE PRODUCTS”.

On the homepage is showing Product category,when you click particular category it will take you to a related product subcategorypage, once you select & click on any subcategory it will again take you to products related to that subcategory& when you click on particular product it will take to a page with detailed information of the products.For example, if you want to buy a Shopping bags inJUTE BAGS. You can click on the link Jute bag (Product category)on the home page as it will open sub category options under Jute Bags, After selecting the option “Shopping Bags”, it will show product range under that category/Subcategory, After clicking the product it will take you to a product detail page, check the description of product, price, the size of product etc. 

After that - Select the Quantity, and submit your details & send us the Inquiry by clicking CONTACT LOWELLCRAFT/PLACE ORDER/SEND INQUIRY button, On the non-availability of the product, You can click on the *Add to wish list option for your future reference. 

After Submitting Inquiry, our team will contact you shortly...